IZOLA Delivery FAQ

HOW DOES IT WORK? Simple. Delivery is integrated into our online ordering platform you are familiar with. 

  1. Select the new "Delivery" tab. 

  2. Enter your details and select the delivery date and time. 

  3. Add all lots of tasty stuff to your cart. 

  4. Checkout + relax....

  5. DoorDash will pickup from us and your IZOLA croissants and sourdough will arrive soon,  Hot-From-The-Oven. 

  6. Please call IZOLA if you have any issues with your order. ‭(619) 289-8358‬



Covered communities: National City,  Coronado, Downtown, Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Midway District, A bit of Point Loma, North Park, Normal Heights, University Heights + Mission Valley. 

COST: is a flat $6.95 per order, no minimum order, no extra tip, no service fee, no hidden charges, nada.

TIPS: 100% of the tip on your IZOLA order goes to your Door Dash delivery driver. 

And as always the IZOLA Almighty Guarantee applies. If you're not delighted. We'll cheerfully refund your order.

Please call if you have any questions, 619-227-2701


Thank you!


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