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Croissants + Masa madre. Caliente del horno


Hornear jueves, viernes, sáb. 3-6pm | Hecho a mano | Entrega gratuita Dowtown

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Nuestra panadería

El objetivo: pan recién horneado, masa madre y cruasanes entregados mientras todavía están calientes del horno.

Estamos haciendo las cosas de manera diferente, horneando todo el tiempo que estamos abiertos, no solo una vez al día.

¿Es más difícil? ¡Oh si! Lo hacemos para darle cruasanes que son tan frescos y mantecosos que se siente así:

" No sé dónde aprendiste a hornear o quién te enseñó. ¡Estoy agradecido de que HACAS hornear! JB, esos fueron los mejores cruasanes que he probado en mi vida. ¡Los mejores! "



Dónde estamos


Thank you, friends of IZOLA. We are grateful for all your good-natured support and fellowship. It's been a wild ride as we've worked to make loaves of wild sourdough and croissants for everyone who wants one.  

We're temporarily closed as we renovate our new space and prepare to break ground (mid-2024) on our automated, zero-emission dough factory that will allow us to expand the IZOLA experience across Southern California and make your experience at IZOLA even better. Hot from the oven croissants and social justice action....what could be better!

We continue to deepen our commitment to organic ingredients, improve our order fulfillment workflow, and create additional baking capacity. All guided by our North Star: delightful experiences and fellowship for you. 

I look forward to re-connecting with each and every one of you, hearing the crunch of crispy croissants, seeing the smiles. It has been a balm during these trying times. 

- Jeffrey


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